The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 507

heard? th and wellness is on the rise, and luxury condos are, to a lusive resident buildings in favor of “well-being” amenities. r part of high-end condo buyers are more inclined to purchase units in one’s inner serenity. “Well-being” is the mantra, so to speak, in amenities all, of 2019. Affluent individuals are spending money on investments like e report, signifying the escalation in discreet wealth as a status symbol. Consider boutique Los Angeles condominium 1030 Kings, which vaunts he outdoor terrace, complete with lounge seating and a sparkling fire pit. East River and includes an adult treehouse, which is just one of the include a sunken tranquility garden and a traditional tea pavilion. Not tranquility, but it also boasts one of Manhattan’s largest private parks.