The Contour of Luxury Summer 2019 - Page 194

H ow to dress in your 40s: Welcome to the peak of the summit known as middle age. In your 40s, you have established yourself, you are most likely at the zenith of your earning power, and you have your own style when it comes to your attire. Though you do not have to follow fashion anymore, that does not mean your style has to go out the window. 1 Find the right fit: In your fourth decade, it is important to pay acute attention to the fit of your garments. In case you forgot, you are not in your 20s anymore; chances are those clothes you wore when you were 20 no longer fit nor are appropriate during this stage of life. However, do not immediately assume you need a larger size. Tailoring is age-appropriate and will always be flattering. Therefore, taking an article of clothing to a tailor for minor alterations, such as letting out the seams a bit, is an option for, perhaps, a quality suit you own that used to fit perfectly but is now a little snug.Another option is to select a straight-leg jean. In fact, make it your default to purchase straight-leg jeans instead of fitted ones. The days of skin-tight jeans are behind you—don’t look back. 2 3 Details, deta As your style matu wearing more of a and professionally augment personal look is rather low- patterns, and some accessories to enh aesthetic. High-qu selection of smart luggage will amp u you from falling v dad-wear syndrom Be cautious of Sportswear is inunda now; however, invest profoundly can give while wearing baseba appear indubitably ju minimalist separates trainers in toned-dow of Valentino, Tom Fo the weekend, those tr sophisticated streetw cashmere sweater an