The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 94

L. Raphael’s founder, Ronit Raphael, began her skincare education at the age of 18 after a d ­ amaging chemical peel that left her with ­second-degree burns. How did this incident and the knowledge gained in the following years aid in the success of L. Raphael? The creation of L.RAPHAEL is completely inspired by my experience a s a teenager. After dealing with such an unfortunate experience, I made it my mission to self-educate and also educate others on the best ways to treat their skin from anti-aging to anti-acne services. The Global Army Against Child Abuse was established by L. Raphael and has since partnered up with the Council of Europe to help millions of children worldwide. What was the inspiration for establishing this note-worthy foundation? I truly believe that protecting our children from abuses of this nature should be paramount. This epidemic is not limited by our borders, cultures or backgrounds. It happens everywhere and is unfortunately experienced by so many. As a mother myself, I have made it my mission to support this issue and spread awareness across the globe. With locations in Geneva, New York, Cannes, We have some wonderful new openings taking place this year in addition to the constant ­innovation we work to achieve from our products to our ­treatments. Stay tuned! ­ everly Hills, Kazakhstan, and Verbier L. Raphael B has truly made its mark with widespread success. What other exciting and innovative things can we look for in the future from L. Raphael?