The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 91

& Q A As a pioneer at the forefront of anti-aging and modern treatments for medical and wellness therapies, L. Raphael has revolutionized the science of skincare. Please share with us more about your cutting-edge creation: the patented LEC-40 lipid complex and its benefits within the oxygen treatments. The patented LEC40 is L.RAPHAEL’s ­revolutionary anti-aging compound developed by the R&D team headed by Prof. Meir Shinitzky (our chief scientist who was a world leader in cell membrane research and a Professor of Biological Chemistry at the famed Weizmann Institute.) It is an exclusive compound containing natural vital components: highly purified lecithin, anti-oxidant lipids, retinol, vitamins and omega-3 triglycerides. Lecithin is an excellent carrier and helps the absorption of active ingredients (vitamins, lipids) by the skin cells. As part of the aging process, lecithin contents of the cell decrease, the cell- membrane becomes rigid and essential ­nutrients (such as glucose, vitamins and lipids) cannot penetrate the cells. Lecithin revives the dying skin cells by increasing fluidity of the cell membrane, thereby ­enhancing cell’s permeability, suppleness and vitality. The Exclusive Lipid complex has strong soothing properties. It restores skin’s essential fatty acids balance thereby enhancing skin hydration, texture and firmness and fighting skin itchiness. These components are found in young skin and are gradually lacking in adult skin. They c ­ annot be introduced into the skin by the topical ­application of creams. In conventional application, e.g. by specific creams, lipids can only ­partially ­penetrate the solid barrier of the skin surface and t ­ herefore their effect is limited. However, the s ­ pecial ­instrumentation in the OXY-PEEL treatment ­ provides a unique route for the effective ­insertion of these lipids into the inner domain of the skin where they can act effectively as anti- aging c ­ ompounds.