The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 9

e h B y i nd t d a l e Th h e S A c lexis Day Alexis Day is the Founder and Managing Director of Alexis Day Agency, a boutique brand strategy and PR agency with a central focus on helping companies with high-end brands and luxury services. Alexis’ niche specialty is to develop strategies that help catapult brands into the forefront of their industry. Alexis Day Agency employs strategic consulting, and marketing campaigns designed to ultimately assist revenues and profit growth for upmarket products and services. Versed in luxury brand strategy, digital marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, graphic design, and public relations, Alexis has a solid understanding of strategic value creation through brand building concepts and go-to-market tactics. She has a proven aptitude for executing compelling marketing stratagems to engage the elusive Ultra High-net-worth Individual (UHNWI) and High-net-worth Individual (HNWI) prospects, be it by traditional marketing or through the sassy world of cyberspace. Alexis Day is the blogger, Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Publisher behind the swiftly emerging blogAzine™ The Contour of Luxury©. A forward thinking creative and steadfast entrepreneur, Alexis is a brand strategist and luxury brand influencer who lives and designs to the beat of her own drum. She specializes in bringing something untapped to her branding and marketing concepts to attract apropos audiences for luxury brands. She enjoys meeting and interacting with luxury entities through her new blogAzine™ concept that she has created. She has forged a many new and mutually beneficial relationships between herself, her companies and the brands that she features. Her Why, Her Passion Introducing Entrepreneur, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief I absolutely LOVE and enjoy being a creative individual. It thrills me immensely. The creative learning process never ends, which means there is always something new to look forward to. Even once something has been created to completion, you can always go back at a later moment in time and see it from a new perspective, and perhaps delete or add to it giving it a new viewpoint. However, there are also those times when you design something and you simply know that you’ve hit your desired goal. That is when I get an internal sensation that is my tell-tell that I hit my target and I simply stop. It brings an inner feeling of joy that washes over and through my body, and it brings a smile to my face. I am supremely visual. My passion is to help others visually create their brand message to attract their desired target consumer to their brand, and move them to take action. It is every company’s desire to ultimately increase their bottom line. ~Alexis Day Contact: