The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 85

Alexis Day Your captivating Natalie Baroni Signature Collection has immense design flair and consists of all one of a kind jewels and wearable works of art that you created for the modern, sophisticated, fashionable woman. Tell us more about this collection, and what inspired some of your favorite designs in the collection? Natalie Baroni I live on the California Coast and am therefore surrounded by the beauty of nature. The fascinating colors of the ocean , glorious sunsets, flora and fauna together with breathtaking star filled nights, in which almost every constellation can be followed, are all the things that inspire me. Long walks on our golden beaches in this wonderful temperate climate awaken my ethereal creativity . There is a magical quality to life in the coastal regions of California and that contributes to my creativity and artistry at the same time. From sculpting mermaid and goddess motifs to hand selecting fine gemstones, reflects the beauty of the place in which I live and the image of my inner soul. Alexis Day While your family’s expertise in jewelry has had strong influences on your jewelry creation expertise. In what ways has your collegiate studies in art combined with Gemological Institute of America programs attributed to your jewelry design finesse? Natalie Baroni The Gemological Institute of America program together with collegiate art studies provide me with the basics. Subsequent creativity is the skill of the individual. My extensive educational background and certification process has given me a proper perspective of what I consider Art and Beauty which I encompass in all my collections. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the advantage of my family and there long line of incredible success in jewelry design. Alexis Day Impressively, your jewelry is sought by celebrities; worn on the red carpet; and featured on film and television, in fashion spreads and on the covers of today’s most widely read magazines. In what retail establishments can your fabulous pieces be purchased? Natalie Baroni My Collections are available through private appointments, at the Natalie Baroni Atelier, located in Montecito, California and online at www.NatalieBaroni. com and and also at special events throughout the country. For high profile and celebrity clientele, I fly out on location. Back at my studio , I work directly with my clients, designing entire jewelry wardrobes for their personal and professional lifestyle, together with their travel Industry Red-Carpet events. My clients tell me that they feel beautiful and graceful in my designs, glamorous and exciting! There is no better praise and I wish to give every client that same confidence.