The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 84

Q A & Alexis Day Natalie Baroni You hail from an Italian family of jewelry artisans with a history spanning more than a century long for creating exquisite jewelry made of precious and semi- precious stones for the upper echelons of society in Europe, as well as, for discriminating women in many other countries across the world. With a heritage as rich as this it is not so surprising that you also design stunning pieces of jewelry. Have you always known that you too would follow family tradition? My family tradition is my true passion and therefore who I am. My jewelry is made of many rare and unique elements, for example the famous “Aphrodite” necklace, a museum piece created of 15mm south sea pearls, rare corals, 18kt gold and diamonds, it is at its center a vision of the goddess hand carved in Ivory. I am fully aware that my jewelry designs are one of a kind works of art, which connect with the passionate collector. Much of the jewelry my family created has become treasures, which have been passed down from generation to generation.