The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 76

Each Marc Bellay Original piece is handcrafted and one of a kind. Can you tell us the process for creating these unique pieces? Q & A One of a kind because all stones are unique, we can have different energies, on the same piece by mixing the stones, but all this in The Marc Bellay Original jewelry a goal to bring only good vibes. are beautiful and soulful works No process really, just the feeling of art suited for both men and of the armories, the colors, the women. What is the inspiration perfect imperfection on of the stones and of course always the behind your jewelry designs? love of fashion. All inspiration come from the street and what’s going around You have said, “We’re a business us, we think about what the made up of innovators”. What people need and the world these would you consider to be the days, peace, love, kindness, Marc Bellay Original’s most compassion, understanding other, innovative design? connection, health, that’s why the Lithotherapie can help us find the I guess our necklaces and guitar energies positive by the stones for belts, the mix between the Native protect us by the balance mental, American spirit and rock’n roll emotional and spiritual from the attitude. negative vibes.