The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 70

AD: The Fortuna brothers, sons of Lido Fortuna, founder of Lidfort, have been quoted saying that their passion is what has made  Lidfort shoes so special. In what ways does this passion impact the creation of your shoes? AD: Your artisans’s expert production has established an element of exclusivity surrounding Lidfort. Where can interested customers obtain these one-of-a kind shoes? L: The production is handicraft, therefore limited, L: Passion is what makes everything pleasant, we use does not allow an exhaustive distribution. it in the workshop in every step of building footwear Reason for pride and luxury is to be present in some for ten hours a day and sometimes even more, giving of the best high-end stores in the world. life to objects thinking that will be worn at the feet of special people, making them icons, part integral to their personality. 4