The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 69

AD: Since 1945, Lidfort has remained the leader in shoe craftsmanship with its artisans using only the best selection of materials. How have these 50-year old manufacturing techniques been able to successfully stand the test of time while Lidfort has simultaneously embraced a new modern sophistication?   L: They are techniques and manual steps put in place with love for their work, regenerating year after Q & A year, work not feasible in industrial production, this is consolidated, we pay close attention to the evolution of fashions, with new proposals always following the philosophy sober but sophisticated . AD: Lidfort’s high- quality materials and meticulous attention to detail have in large part been responsible for your long-standing international achievements. Are there specific characteristics in your materials, or perhaps your technique proficiency which make Lidfort’s shoes more distinct? L: Yes, the high quality materials we use come from suppliers who in turn have the same love for their work, all the materials are however tested and tested by us, which we then customize with our processing techniques.