The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 60

Alexis Day Bespoke tailoring at Mark Powell is extended to both men and women. What do you think it is about your tailoring style that attracts women to your brand? Mark Powell Well, that is a good question, but I think the whole thing again…because when I do tailoring for women, I do get that whole feeling, that whole androgyny thing just right, because I think a woman wants to feel empowered and look elegant in a masculine inspired tailored suit equally without being cliché. She wants to look feminine and sexy, and I think that I manage to keep that whole thing going, I mean with some of the clients that that I’ve done like Naomi Campbell, Bianca Jagger, Keira Knightly, people like that. You know it’s always still very much a men’s suit, but it’s done to look great on a woman as well. It makes them look very embowered, and also very feminine and sexy. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve always done quite well. And also, a lot of male tailors, you know people that are known more for their men’s tailoring are more if you like, not scared, but they don’t really get the whole women’s thing right. You know, there’s a lot to consider with the woman’s suit. The way you cut the shoulder and, of course, women’s figures , even if they’ve got great figures, they are very, very different and diverse. They are different. Men’s standard figure, you know, if they’re relatively slim or normal sizes are very consistent, but obviously women are sometimes smaller in the waist, bigger on the hip, bigger on the bust, fuller or bigger on the back, and then maybe not as full on the bust, things like that. It’s very diverse, very. And I’ve always been very comfortable with that, just knowing how to make that look best for the lady really.