The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 51

Alexis Day As a Caras, you were fortunate to grow up spending much time in the Stephan Caras design studio and around extraordinary fashion expertise. As a young man with a history of an enviable array of inspirational influences, at what point did you craft and develop your own unique taste and flair in fashion? Kyriako Caras Growing up in our studio was a priceless experience for me. It provided me with invaluable insight into the industry, and really taught me to respect the industry in terms the complete dedication that is required in order to create a label for yourself. As a young boy, I would sew sequins into patterns, help with production in the workroom, and began working with patterns. As a teenager, I would to take all the scrap fabric that was left behind and begin to play with all the unusual color and texture combinations. A lifetime of technical expertise really allowed me to flourish in this sense as I began creating shapes and really experimenting with unique styles and apply them to the creative process. It was really at this point that I was inspired by the limitless combinations that one could create, and I haven’t looked back since.