The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 50

u Alexis Day Stephan Caras designs consistently reveal that the CARAS brand has established a new standard of elegance for women, and may I add an exquisite standard of femininity as well. Give us a bit of insight on how the CARAS brand was able to masterfully achieve this. Kyriako Caras As designers, we use fashion to evoke an emotional response and play with imagination through expression and art. It is meant to express one’s innermost beauty and individualistic notions. This cannot be done objectively. Designing, for me, has always been about developing a chemistry between texture, color, and shapes and letting my imagination take me to wherever in needs to go. I am completely focused on my creative process and I do not let myself get distracted by trends and I am never afraid to use a variety of textures and lots of volume if that’s what it takes. I celebrate the diversity, but always make sure to stay true to my philosophy of design of creating feminine and elegant pieces. This is how I feel we are able to achieve bold and imaginative, yet feminine, designs. Alexis Day The Stephan Caras Spring/Summer 2018 Eden Collection not only has a strong sense of feminine qualities with its light and airy fabrics, and floral patterns, but it is visually captivating. Can you tell us more about your approach when outlining a collection for a season and where you turn for inspiration? Kyriako Caras & A ns wer Fashion is an expression; it is a statement of inner beauty and sensuality. For our “Eden” Collection, we were driven to expose the depth of women’s sensuality and illuminate it through floral and radiant fabrics coupled with ornate texture combinations, while ensuring that there is a harmony between them. Our aim was to showcase a beautiful palette of pastels that emphasize opulence, while sleek shapes achieved a playful interplay between elegance and drama. A well-balanced and vivid representation that is feminine was key to me. This is the philosophy that provides the framework for all of our designs.