The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 42

Alexis Day Mo Coppoletta It was through your exploration of different mediums, that you crossed into areas completely divergent of the classic tattoo world. You began to develop collaborations in such areas as product design, branding, print media and more, which I think was quite genius. From this, in 2011, Coppoletta Designs was founded. I was playing the idea to expand my aesthetics to other fields, without having a specific idea in mind.As I fell in love with tattooing so I started getting more and more determined to try to see if I could venture in other fields. Amongst the first projects definitely the fabrics I designed for Liberty London and the Romain Jerome watch ,and the stop animation movie that we created for it,were the highlights ,they had immediate successes and they led to the other collaborations.I like the fact that, to these days,every project I take on is different from the next one, challenging me to interpret the dna of the brands I collaborate with, in different fields. All of this is very exciting now, stepping away from the visual process that I need to create a custom tattoo, now I need to broaden the possibilities which are really never-ending. Please give us an overview of how that transition took place and was the first product collaboration an immediate success?