The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 40

Alexis Day With the help of your team The Family Business tattoo business grew to International success reaching far beyond the city limits of London. The business was elevated to a level of distinction in the tattoo world due to the company’s impressive custom made to order design artistry, as well as the observable top level customer care. What is the process for receiving a custom made tattoo at The Family Business? Alexis Day Your style is inspired by Japanese and Art Deco imagery. Will you share with us why these styles resonate with you in the way that they do? Mo Coppoletta My influences are many,I was always attracted by decorative arts spanning through the centuries. Definitely Art Deco and japanese iconography are very strong in my repertoire, they have a lot in common:elegance, personality cleanliness of lines even in their most elaborate forms, but most of all their style or influence is so actual, they never went “out of fashion”. The sheer elegance of art deco or Japanese art is timeless; just look around the majority of modern bars or restaurants for example, many of them are Art Deco inspired in order to convey an opulent elegance to their patrons.Some do it better than others but those style are still permeating visual arts these days. Mo Coppoletta As I mentioned above,I had a clear vision on the shop I wanted. Every aspect had to be taken care of:performing a very good tattoo was essential but not just enough in my opinion:the customer had to feel comfortable from the moment he entered the studio till the time he got wrapped up after a session and that included a fantastic approach with front desk and a satisfying consultation with each individual artist.99% of the tattoos we perform have one or more consultations in order to make each customer at ease, despite the size or complexity of the tattoo.Tattooing changed a lot in the last 10/15 years, now it is a service and every aspect of the service need to be on point, like any other high end retail experience, with the exception that a tattoo is far more personal and deep than any other product you can buy.The magic of tattooing is still alive ,tattoo studios are great places, but they need to be contextualised with today s customer expectations.