The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 32

Alexis You have a degree in Business Management, and had reached notable success in the glamorous fashion scene. Additionally, through your growing of holistic therapy and crystal therapy in Bali you have an understanding of crystals and stones and how they can have an affect on individuals. Do you draw your inspiration for designing your exquisite handmade Rozaliya Jewelry pieces from your experience in the fashion world, or from another source within you, or both? Rozaliya All of our qualities comes like a stream of power. I can not separate my wisdom for crystal and sacral geometry from my fashion point of view or my vision of beauty! I believe fashion tends to change and be new every moment. I make really cool jewelry because I believe spiritual is cool too! It is my vision and I see many people love it. I believe spiritual needs to be expressed in order to deliver true talent (freedom) not true restrictive views. Alexis The artistic design in the casings of your jewelry, combined with the crystals and semi-precious stones are simply marvelous. What materials and types of stones do you use for your jewelry? Rozaliya I use more than 200 kinds of crystals and precious stones that I learned about through the years. We have designed collections for everyone and used very progressive methods with the crystals and metals, combining them with a sacral geometry formula. Alexis What do you personally feel makes each of your jewelry pieces so uniquely special? And are there specific types of pieces that you find to be most favored? Rozaliya My jewelry is just miracle. I find it fascinating the power it gives to people who wear it, even if they don’t believe in it. I think every passionate Artist creates from his heart and that can change people’s lives. The truth is this art true to the crystal and wisdom have extremely powerful and stabilizing energy too. Alexis In Bali you found the enlightenment, freedom and peace that you were seeking for in your life. You have become a spiritual leader, a certified healer and adviser having graduated from the only University for Energy Medicine in Malaysia, an exceptional jewelry designer, and an even more remarkable human being. What do you seek to experience and/or achieve next for your life? Rozaliya I come to the USA to help others and to share my wisdom. It has been so interesting to get to know one more culture and to want to be a part of it. I look for daily growth and I am truly enjoying making Los Angeles one of my new homes, as I continue on my spiritual journey. Light and Lov e Rozaliya