The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 30

Alexis Can you share some of the experiences that people have had while wearing your jewelry? Rozaliya Oooo I have many. :) I had for a long time retail shops and I heard a lot of stories were people come back and bring their flashbacks and explain their experiences… I have one ring named soul star. It’s one of the first rings I created I have a number of stories. My clients have found they’re life partner, another delivered a baby, etc. Its more than 8 years of experiences and so much gratitude... That is my happiness! I have a story with each one of my jewelry creations but for love and marriage my pink opal chakra bracelet always make miracles happen, or the Rose pendent with ruby to lead you to the spiritual path. It’s not easy to explain. Everyone themselves has to experience it for themselves.