The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 29

Alexis At what point did you find yourself becoming deeply immersed in spiritual teachings and how was this transformative in your life? Rozaliya It was 13 years ago when this journey begin... I am still immersed in the spiritual life. It is a marriage that is forever... It’s a marriage that brings you freedom and leads you in every situation in life. I don’t believe in transforming, I believe in realizing and experiencing that what we really are. It is not easy to understand, it requires practice. I am not different now, it’s just the way I see the world and the way I create my daily life is now from wisdom, not from ignorance. Alexis Share with us a bit about the spirituality teachings that you found to be most enlightening to you, and why? Rozaliya I am a Dzogchen practitioner, and I worked with my Dzogchen guru for many years to modify a teaching program for self growth, and fast and instant realization, peace in life & change for people who want to find who they are but still want to have an active life. I also work on the tantric level and use a lot of mergers meditation. Alexis Alexis You have developed your own spiritual followers whom call you Prema Sagar, which is your spiritual name. Tell us how and why it came about that you began gaining followers. As you began to learn more about yourself, and the true meaning of life, what was it that spawned the concept of Rozaliya Jewelry and what were the first types of design pieces that you created? Rozaliya When the teacher is ready the student comes, I never look for it! When people see you as inspiring and different they want to know how you did that, how you were so brave, how you go true through all and achieve your dreams... They want to know and you have to be ready to share. It was a journey to dedicate my life to people and it is the most beautiful decision I ever made because for me the unconditional love to embrace everyone like a mother is the biggest reword that a human being can experience. Rozaliya I developed my relationship with crystal and sacral geometry during my silence period. I realized how impactful and powerful crystals are and how fast they can change our life and destiny. So the first jewelry I created was my 8 chakra bracelet from different crystals and I made it for a very close friend of mine... We saw visible results after 21 days, so I started to help more friends until one day that become my now enlightened business.