The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 259

ESSICA ESSICA Jessica De Soto has always been in front of the camera since she was a young girl. She began her performing career in dance, acting, musical the- ater and singing. As she began to find Jessica De Soto is now interning her voice in other realms of expression for Alexis Day Agency. She began in she found another passion in writing social media handling the Instagram, at the age of 13. As she increased Twitter, and Facebook accounts. As in age, started to develop an eye for she grew in the agency she became fashion, modeling and publication the art director in directing the photo design. Therefore, she started to study and video shoots and interviews for digital design and news writing at Long The Contour of Luxury Blogazine. Beach City College. She began as a Since Jessica is positioned as a writer and worked her way to becom- creative voice in the agency, she ing the Editor and Chief for the Viking wears several hats when it comes Newspaper. She then, realized that to the contribution for the agency. she loved writing articles and telling Equally important, she is now diving stories to showcase to the world in into broadcast journalism to order to impact peoples lives, inspire create new heights for The Contour and to create awareness. Although of Luxury Blogazine and Alexis she is still dancing and modeling Day Agency. today, she has possessed other skills Contact- IG - deshanaedesoto as a photographer, art director, and a concept developer. Jessica is still continuing her education in Journalism and Communications at Ashford Uni- versity to obtain her Bachelors. E E S S O O T T O O