The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 246

Contributors Publisher, Editor, Art Director: Alexis Day Assistant-Editor: Lexi Kostic, Marie Mukandanga, Kay Hudson Publication Layout and Graphic Design: Alexis Day Agency: Alexis Day, Marie Mukandanga, Michael Moon, Stephanie Gonzales Publication Animation: Alexis Day Agency: Kaylina Flueridas, Paul Davidson Art Direction: Alexis Day Agency Photography: Alex Bael, Denzel Perry, Jessica De Soto Photoshoot Art Director: Jessica De Soto Videography: Alex Bael, Denzel Perry Video Animation and Editing: Kaylina Fleuridas, Paul Davidson Designer Showroom for Wardrobe: Now PR LA, Tash Greizen, CEO Ms. Day’s Stylist: Brooke Barnato