The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 245

Acknowledgements Interviewees - My heart is so very full with gratitude for the massive support that I have received from the inception of this “blogAzine™” concept of mine. The fact that it all began with an idea, which has successfully traveled down a never before traveled road and with absolutely no road map to speak of other than my imagination, is simply the grace of God. I have had you, whom are such Aaamazing and notable people and companies entrust me with your fabulous brands to feature in this initially obscure publication, and that is purely a “Gift”…and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you feel that I have done you proud when you see your feature spreads for the first time. You were all hand picked, and it was my intent to spotlight you and your brands favorably, as I have much respect for the time you have spent to make your brands into what they are. Rozaliya Heinen – Thank you for being my Cover Girl and for letting me share your story. You inspire me. Now PR LA – Tash, you and your entire team are truly special to me. Your kindness and generosity makes me tear up every time I think about it. You’re one of a kind. Much Love… Brooke Barnato- You are priceless. Thank you for responding to my ad last year. It was just kismet. Much Love All interviewee’s brand coordinators who worked with me and my team to set up the interviews, and send correspondence back and forth to make sure all went well in the process, please know that you are very much appreciated. Thank you much…You are the glue. To my highly talented, extremely dedicated, beyond what I would ever dare ask for, intern team you each have stolen my heart in your own unique and individual ways. Please know that I see, and notice, and I could not appreciate you more. Your futures are blindingly bright. Much Love! To my brother from another mother, Jon Paul, you have that talent that I don’t have. LOL! Thank you again for your support through your busy time as you were studying and traveling. Dinner on me. Remind me though. LOL! XO! Kathleen Stewart – Yep, I am the roommate that never sems to go away after moving out 2 years ago. I still come by to borrow your doggies for things like a photo shoot. LOL! Thank you for your ever belief in my talents. Hugs and Kisses To my life friends, particularly Jordan Victoria, Lejeune Lockett, and Sidney Moncrief, thank you for allowing me to bend your ears and run my ideas by you at odd times of the day. And thank you for your endless support and for always checking on me to see how I am physically feeling. You are so unconditional, and I am a very lucky lady. Kiss Kiss and Love To my family, including Dr. Donald Henderson, my words are never enough to express how I feel emotionally. Your love and support is immeasurable and irreplaceable. Thank God for making you mine. XO!