The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 225

She was well-spoken and very polite. She wasn’t drunk. She wasn’t on drugs. She didn’t smell bad. She wasn’t rude. She was just Jill. Someone who enjoyed the the ater, sailing on yachting, and working on cars. And, in my car, she was still that same person. She was just going through a hardship. I wish everyone could meet a “Jill.” Our eyes will be opened and the way we look at others will change. We’ll better understand that appearances don’t define us. Stereotypes don’t define us. We, as a society, have a very bad habit of judging people solely based on their appearance. That’s how we value people. We don’t care about what’s inside. We don’t care about their background. We don’t care to listen to them. We don’t care to understand them. We don’t care to help them. A: As a highly accomplished man with a big heart, what can we expect to see from you next? KV: Great question, haha. I’m focused on real estate, The KV Project™, and The Luxury Life™ at this time however I’m always jotting down new ideas on how to help people and the entrepreneur in me is always keeping an eye out for new business opportunities so feel free to check back with me in a few months. Maybe I’ll have something new to share! All because of their appearance. We like to judge others for not being perfect yet we try so hard to fake it and appear perfect to hide our own imperfections for fear of judgment. Ironic, isn’t it? Learn more about The KV Project™ at Social club launching soon! IG: IG: