The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 222

That’s how you get referrals. I’ve made a lot of new friends as well. Whenever I travel around the country or overseas I always know at least one person from instagram who lives in the city I’m visiting, haha. To build a huge following on Instagram, you have to be consistent. You have post often, 2 or 3 times a day, to make sure people in all time zones are seeing your posts. And, always use hashtags. That’s how people find you and follow you. Also, you’ll want to make sure to engage with your followers. If they comment on your post you need to acknowledge it. If someone sends you a direct message, you need to reply back. It shows your followers that you appreciate them. And, they A: You have attributed a l \H\و[\X\œ]YX[H\[X[YYXH\HXXH\[\ X\Z[Y[HH[و ˎZۂ[Yܘ[K]XوHYHY[H][^B[[\\[H]X[ۈ[\[Yܘ[H[]\[[X\]Y\]H[HXY\[ۙH^O˜\XX]HZ[XHۛX][K\K[BYYHXHX]][H ]XBYX[[[ܘ\X[HYYHۜ\[][\۝[ ]HH[YK^H[YH\^\KH[^\HY\]8&\XZ[H][x&YHۈ^BX[ ]\H[\^\[\\]›ZHXX^X\[]]H]ˈH][[[ۘ[H]XH\Hو]YY[HH[8$’ՎHܙX]Y^H[Yܘ[HX[X]YHYX\[H[\\Y[^\KX[HY[ۙ\ۂYˈH[Y[\^H[H^HX[\]H^X\XX[]]H]ˈ[Yق\[\ˈ[H[x&]HX\YHX]Hۈ[Yܘ[H[[x&[]Z\][[ۋ\Bܛ]ܙ[X[H[\H][^H]\H]\[[X]Y\[[\Z[\Hx&]B[\]HXYˈ[ ]8&\Y[HܙX]^HۛX]\Y]]YHۈ[Yܘ[H[^H]\X[\]Hٙ\[ۘ[][۝YH[X]\Hو]H \[Hܛ