The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 221

A: Selling luxury real estate nationwide with a Miami-based firm you have amassed a stellar database He taught me everything I know about luxury real estate and luxury auctions. I stayed focused, worked hard and it has paid off. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with pro-athletes, celebrities, and of affluent clients such as pro-athletes, entertainers, and CEOs. Give us a bird’s eye view of what it entails to have such a broad reach as a realtor and how has this attributed to your achievements? very-high-net-worth individuals. Sold some incredible KV: Real estate is about who you know. It’s a people properties. One of my favorites is a 30,000 business. It’s about building and maintaining square-foot estate in The Woodlands, near Houston, relationships. If you are genuine and professional, Texas. A truly spectacular estate. Four acres. Three people appreciate that and will do business with you. levels. Custom-built. French Renaissance-inspired. And, they will happily refer others to you. So, you have With the sale, we established the all-time record price to network. Get out and meet as many people as you for a single-family home in the community. Another can. Use social media. Build that database. You can’t favorite of mine is a 17,000 square-foot estate we sold sell someone’s house if they don’t know you exist, haha. in Daytona Beach, FL last summer. It was owned by And, also make sure you are maintaining that the France family, the billionaire owners of NASCAR. database, keeping in touch with people you meet. Such a magnificent home inside and out. Sat right on That’s the most important part. After a meeting, send the Halifax River. We sold it for the 2nd-highest them a “It was a pleasure meeting you” email or a all-time price within the entire county. “Thank you for your time” bouquet of flowers. Or, So, real estate has been good to me. Platinum is growing every year. We sell nationwide and around the world and have achieved many record sales along the way. I’m doing exactly what I moved down here to do. Life is good! after a few weeks, call them with a “just checking in.” Little gestures like that will go a long way. The constant follow-up is important. It’s something that keeps you in the front of their mind so when that seller is ready to sell, he’ll call you first. There’s no secret to being successful within this business. Just be professional, be confident, and give every client your best. That’s how you build a great reputation.