The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 220

KV: It’s been a great ride. I’ve been with the firm since day one and I feel blessed to be apart of a great A: As a business development team and organization. Many years ago, I executive, you’ve had a successful six-and- moved from Atlanta to West Palm Beach a-half-year run working at Platinum to pursue a career in luxury real estate. In Luxury Auctions where you specialize Atlanta, I was working in retail and I was in the non-distressed auction sales of ready to take on something new. elite and distinguished properties. Tell us Something more challenging and about your experience with this company exciting. So, I decided to gamble on and how your contributions have helped myself and I hopped in my car and lead to the company’s triumph in closing headed south to Florida. In 2011, I had more than $732 million in luxury real the pleasure of meeting Trayor Lesnock, estate auction sales. Platinum’s president and founder. He’s an Ivy League graduate and has been successful in other ventures. He founded Platinum and brought me in shortly after.