The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 22

ABOUT The Contour of Luxury The Contour of Luxury© is an online luxury brands and services blog in a sleek magazine format, which Alexis Day has coined the word blogAzine™. The intent of The Contour of Luxury© publication is to build mutually beneficial relationships with select individual brands and services in the luxury realm. We work with the decision makers of established brands, as well as polished and exquisite up and coming brands, and masterfully create and present feature interviews in a most favorable way. Types of Brands and Services that We Feature: Our primary focus is in the areas of extraordinary and unique Designer Apparel - men and women, fabulous and fine Jewelry, superior Motorcars, exceptional Private Jet Charter, chief Yacht Charter and Sales, top-end Beauty Products and Services, exquisite Real Estate, premier and exclusive Wine and Champagne. Reasons to Be Featured: The Contour of Luxury© publication is structured to provide a center stage platform for select brands to share the key points of their products and services that may not otherwise be emphasized or featured by traditional outside media sources, which often write what they themselves want to publicize, not what the brand wants to specifically accentuate. This is our differentiator as a blogAzine™, and the benefit to brands that are featured. In essence, as a blogAzine™ we don’t write in the traditional article format, but rather Alexis writes her commencing blogger expressions about a featured person or brand and provides a Q&A opportunity to the individual or brand. Her Q&A is where the individual or brand is given latitude to state what they would like to give prominence to. To inquire about being featured: To view feature articles: