The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 218

Exquisite Dwellings e v i n a u g h a n As a Luxury Realtor for 7 years, I have a respect for all successful realtors in the business, as I know first hand the processes for standing out in the behemoth crowd of broker/agents. Kevin Vaughan is one such standout as the Business Development Executive at Platinum Luxury Auctions. I’ve learned from Kevin that Platinum Luxury Auctions is the only auction firm founded exclusively on experience in luxury and ultra-luxury asset sales, primarily in the real estate sector. The Company’s client base is comprised of financially strong, high-net-worth individuals whose motivations for selling their assets are not related to distress. My invitation to interview Kevin was an organic fit for this issue’s Exquisite Dwellings category. Enjoy my Q&A​ ​with Kevin and learn of some of his experiences with such properties as the 17,000 square-foot estate they sold in Daytona Beach, FL last summer, which was owned by the France family, the billionaire owners of NASCAR, and more... ~ Alexis Day