The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 214

Alexis Day Share with us a few fashion do’s and dont’s. Prada Key A few fashion do’s and don’ts, A couple of quick fashion do’s are simply switching your hairstyle every couple of months if you can such as a simple trim or a quick line up as a guy. Keeping your skin fresh and hydrated and do not overindulge in sweets. Alexis Day What are today’s serious fashion must have’s, and why they make your list? Prada Key Today’s fashion must have’s are of course scarves, scarves and more scarves variations long, short, skinny, wide. And don’t forget those sunglasses, got to have a pair of those. These make my list because they are a simple quick fix whenever you are running around town! Alexis Day Has there ever been a time in your career when you thought you may not be able to successfully style a client? Has there ever been a time in my career were I felt I might not be able to successfully style a client? Prada Key NO! Alexis Day Who are some artist that have influenced your overall fashion style? Alexis Day Describe to us how you like to push the boundaries of fashion, and why? Prada Key How do I push the boundaries of fashion? Well I hate to admit but I often take a scroll down to the women’s department they often offer more color options to choose from and have a wider variety to choose from. Alexis Day What three items are on your fashion bucket list? Prada Key Prada Key Some of the artists that influence some of my overall fashion style would have to be Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Victoria Beckham, last but not least Jay-Z. Three items on my fashion bucket list is a Fur coat. (Faux or Real, your choice) Oversized bag (designer) and a passport with lots of stamps of course.