The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 213

Very recently, I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to Celebrity Stylist Pradaky. As a creative, I can appreciate his way of dancing to the beat of his own drum when it comes to his style aesthetic and navigating through life. While positively creative, it is his non-traditional fashion style that has caught the eyes and attention of some of the most known conservative styled individuals who reside in the luxury realm such as, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Judge Judy for instance. But Pradakey’s list of high profile and celebrity status individuals doesn’t just end there. He has worked with Stevie Wonder, Paris Hilton, Russell Simons, Tyson Beckford, Neo, Yolanda Admas, and a host of others. He’s also worked with Reality Stars on Bravo, WeTV, VH-1, and MTV. So with that said, he has absolutely earned his stripes, as a relative newcomer to Los Angeles, as a Celebrity Stylist, and I am pleased to feature him in this issue of my blogAzine™ . Learn more about this creative, and I must add, very kind man, of fashion in my Q & A with him... ~Alexis Alexis Day Can you share your first memory as a stylist? Prada Key My first memory as a stylist was…When I went into my parents closet and got a very expensive gown of my mothers without her knowledge (Whoops LOL) I reconfigured it and made it and one of a kind, beautiful, sophisticated, over the top homecoming dress for my date when I was a freshman in high school it earned me a Scholarship in Fashion Design. Alexis Day Describe your creative process in helping a new client? Prada Key My process and starting with a new client is: simply getting to know them starting off with a consultation learning their lifestyle such as their typical day to day fashion aesthetic then form something Amazing! What lead you to the path of being a fashion stylist? Alexis Day Using only three words describe your personal style. Prada Key Prada Key Alexis Day Q & What led me to the path of being a fashion stylist? I have always been intrigued by shapes and colors since I was a young boy I remember winning several awards and accolades regarding fashion and style as early as kindergarten. Three words describing my personal style: Edgy, Sophisticated, and Regal. Alexis Day What is the most memorable client experience you have had? Prada Key What is the most memorable experience that I have encountered with a client? Where to start? I actually enjoy what I do. I don’t look at it as work, it’s actually second nature for me. Every experience is different. If I had to choose one. It would probably have to be going on a field trip in high school for one of my least favorite subjects at the time, (biology). My class ended up at the Bill Gates foundation. I got hired as their, the Gate’s, personal stylist, because of my untraditional fashion style, which caught their eye.