The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 208

Alexis Day Alexis Day With your consistently growing popularity, you have developed a strong following and have become a fitness and lifestyle mentor to thousands of people. Tell us more about that. While all of the fan fare may be exciting and fun, you have a big heart and strive to be an inspiration to those in need. You are involved in philanthropy and you target your efforts to helping children who are from broken environments. Your goal is to one day have her own charitable foundation, which will be dedicated to enhancing the lives of orphans. Which children’s charities are you currently supporting? Victoria Barbara I get plenty of fan mail and I try my best to respond to each and everyone of them. They tell me their story and I love reading them! My response normally comes from personal experiences. Anytime I can inspire and encourage these girls to go for their dreams, I fill fulfilled! These young girls are destined for greatness and they are the future. Victoria Barbara I support the Little Light House Foundation. They assists undeserved children and their families.