The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 207

Q A & Alexis Day Victoria, you are the latest “It Girl”. How does it feel to be “THE GIRL that everyone wants to know?” Victoria Barbara I didn’t even know I was an “it girl” Thank you! To answer your question, I feel really grateful and blessed! I am grateful that I can empower women of all ages to believe in their worth and to stand strong. Alexis Day You have a showstopper look that is both stunning and sexy. Tell us about your heritage, which is the special blend that formulated your head turning features consist of. Victoria Barbara r a a b r a B odel m a i r o c i t Born in the USA – I am Cuban and Brazilian. Alexis Day While you have obvious enviable genes, you also take great care of yourself daily, both inside and out to maintain your given gifts. Share some of your top beauty tips that keep your head to toe glow, your favorite fitness routines that keep your body tight, and what does your daily diet consists of? Victoria Barbara I keep it simple.. I eat well (balanced meal) , I drink lots of water, I exercise daily. Water is key and my best friend. Alexis Day Victoria Barbara The time that you put into keeping yourself healthy and fit has certainly paid off. You have a blossoming modeling career and you have an upcoming photo editorial in ‘Social Magazine’ this summer, as well as many other film and photo shoot projects ahead. Tell us about your upcoming photo editorial and can you give us a little scoop on one of your film projects? I leave that to my publicist! Lol. All I can say is that I am currently working with magazine editors and have features coming out in the summer and fall. I have some big projects lined up which I am not at liberty to discuss at the moment. Let’s just say that it will keep me very busy. Wink!