The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 202

AD: Although we are only a few months into 2018, team at Mercedes Benz South Bay is your focus, what what can the Mercedes brand’s public expect to see in other exciting ventures will we see next from you? the coming months or year? GS: Whether it’s Mangement with Mercedes Benz, GS: It’s no secret that our design team and engineers veteran advocacy or something else entirely, you can are well known for being ahead of the game—as we’ll be sure whatever I’m doing will involve a lot of people. continue to see throughout 2018. This philosophy of I enjoy helping and serving others, and the feeling that forward-thinking, combined with Mercedes Benz rich comes from having a positive impact. My mother always racing heritage is one reason our clients remain so encouraged me to run for political office—and maybe loyal. And though much of what I know is confidential one day I will. In the weeks before she died, she would and can’t be printed, I can say with absolute certainty repeatedly say to me, “Be sure you make a difference the public will be both inspired and amazed by what is every day that you’re alive.” So any future endeavors I yet to come and soon to be revealed. undertake will be founded on that philosophy. AD: You have garnered successful career paths in leadership roles, and you have worked to assist and See Sales Manager Gary Smith advocate for your fellow veterans. You are also a family at Mercedes-Benze of South Bay: man and you have a passion for preserving history and enjoy collecting antiques. Though leading the sales