The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 193

AD: Are there any misconceptions of what Beverly Hills Luxury Concierge is or what AD: Tell us about a time Beverly Hills it offers? If so, give us an example. Luxury Concierge went above and beyond for a client and saved the day. BHLC: This is a very insightful question. I would say a misconception that comes up on rare occasion is that BHLC: That is a tough question because we go above and beyond for our mem- bers in every service Beverly Hills Luxury that we provide. Concierge is an entity Currently we are at a of the same fabric as challenge in a concierge that one obtaining a private would find at a fine view at the hotel for example , Guggenheim for a i.e. some one that one member’s spouse would send to get their birthday. cleaners or other such micro management task that we do not do. The challenge being that the desired date is on the same day as a new exhibition opening, I will have to get very creative on this project, I will keep The Contour of Luxury posted on the outcome.