The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 192

AD: Is there a luxury service that is favored by most clients? BHLC: The service that is favored by most clients is something that varies geographi- cally , I would have to say it’s a tie between our financial services and our immigration services. AD: Please, describe your clientele. BHLC: Our clientele varies as for perspec- tive our clientele are high net worth individ- AD: Tell us an interesting fact, one no one uals princibly from the Asia pacific who are knows, about Beverly Hills Luxury Concierge second generation wealthy scion in the age or the founder. ranges from 22 to about 56 years of age. BHLC: Well technically its founders and one of our marques is that we are a completely confidencial services so we do not divulge any information on our members , exec- utive staff and founders, we are actually legally bound to secrecy with confidential- ity agreements and such but I will say this interesting fact about a founder is that they are an avid collector and cultivator and exotic orchids and travels the world just to see rare and allusive orchids growing in their natural environment. Our members are very sophisticated in taste and awareness of the finer and el- egant things that this world has to offer. Although are clients have extreme wealth they are also aware of the perception of which they want to convey to society, which money alone does not create the desired narrative…. Hence one of the reasons they seek to join BHLC.