The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 191

AD: How was the concept of Beverly Hills AD: What are three distinguishing services that Luxury Concierge conceived? set Beverly Hills Luxury Concierge apart from BHLC: The concept of Beverly Hills Luxury other luxury concierge service. Concierge was conceived by merging the BHLC: The three distinguishing services that set lifestyle of what the city BHLC above and beyond other luxury concierge Beverly Hills California has rep- services are our rigorous vetting resents with growing demand of and acceptance process. emerging countries whose high Secondly our level and scope of net worth individuals seek the the financial services offerings, same or an even higher level of and lastly our political advocacy luxury lifestyle living that has been the division that offers professional lobbying hallmark of our Beautiful city Beverly Hills services that work to influence political California. decisions on behalf of our members and or members corporate interest. The particular service is only offered to select members.