The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 169

The First Lady of Luxury Real Estate Rey and A Legend Who Continues to Raise the Bar The incomparable Joyce Rey has long engraved her place in the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles, CA. While based in Los Angeles, her client roster is both national and international. Dubbed titles such as the ‘First Lady of Real Estate’, ‘The Billionaire’s Broker’ and a host of other complimentary titles, Joyce wears the crown well, and consistently. While there are several top-ranking realtors in Los Angeles, it is no small feat to be a Big Fish in a Big Pond, yet Joyce steadfastly remains one. In fact, she most often leads the pack. While professionally she reigns, I must say that as an individual in general, Joyce is kind, elegant, and giving. Her demeanor quietly commands respect, which is admirable. Once in her presence, you simply want to be the best that you can be. She is an excellent role model, both professionally and personally. See below 3 of many of Joyce’s spectacular luxury listings. View the photos and the videos, and if one of these fabulous estates feels like home, give Joyce a call, and tell her Alexis sent you... Enjoy! ~Alexis Day