The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 166

cellar dated from the 17th century. It is really unique. we can offer people who want to go further the whole We offer the opportunity to taste boutique wines, some experience, on site with a true expertise. With of the champagnes have very limited production (less Oenospheres, we have the same philosophy. than 1000 bottles), and we have a true expertise to ex- plain everything about champagne in a unique atmo- A: Grower Champagnes are hard to come by outside of sphere in the heart of Paris. France. How can customers attain the highly A: A new partnership was formed between Dilettantes your gifting options? and Oenosphere to offer your customers a visit which shares your expertise of the extraordinary terroir… the Champagne region. Can you expound on these experi- desired RM Champagnes, and can you elaborate on D: It is now very easy: just come to the shop or go on our web site and place an order! We ship door to door ential services you are offering? in Europe, Japan , USA. We can ship also in Australia D: This new partnership with Oenosphere is like also have a partnership in Japan with a website that sell creating a bridge between customers and growers. a selection of our champagnes… and my dream will With Dilettantes, I wanted to bring the Champagne be to find local partners eager to open dilettantes in area in Paris ; now with the partnership with Foreign countries… Oenospheres and Canada (mind the high duties in Canada!) We Website: