The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 165

D: There is a paradox about Champagne, as it is D: I believe it starts with the selection of the 150 probably one of the most well-known wine in the champagne references we propose and know very world and at the same time one of the least known. RM precisely. Then we ask people their tastes and provide champagne is effectively a good example of this them cards that will describe all the characteristics of paradox as it is only known by connoisseurs. One has the champagne (presentation of the grower, grapes, to bear in mind that 90% of the land is owned by blend, ageing, organoleptic analysis and parings). In growers as they only sell only 10% of the volume the end it is important to keep it light and fun so, we whereas 10% of the land is owned by the major houses have different entry keys to be able to find the right as they sell 90% of the volume. My motivation is champagne for the right person for the right ambiance. therefore to show another face of the champagne: a human face through the growers, and a champagne A: Dilettantes has risen in success as one of the only with roots through the terroirs. RM houses that offer tastings. How can interested A: Dilettantes goes above and beyond to provide their this experience entail? consumers the best selection of RM Champagnes. With such a rich and plentiful selection how do you guide your Champagne lovers in finding their perfect match? clients privatize your cellar for events and what does D: Privatizing our cellar is very easy, you just have to contact us. It is a very intimate place where we can welcome a maximum of 10 persons seated in a vaulted