The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 164

A: Récoltant manipulant (RM) otherwise known as customers to enjoy their champagnes, I believe Grower Champagne is a classification given to essential for me to enjoy selling them. The 3rd criteria vineyard owners whose entire process is completed is DIVERSITY. The growers at Dilettantes are from the in-house. As a daughter of a winemaker, what was your 4 main regions of champagne (Montagne de Reims, criteria that the top specialists within the RM Vallée de la Marne, Côte des blancs and Côte des Bar) Champagne industry needed to meet to be featured within Dilettantes? D: Without doubt the first criteria is the QUALITY of Q & A and each one of them is an ambassador of his terroir. All together they give a representative image of diversity one can find in champagne. A: RM Champagne is a luxurious rarity the Champagne. I visit each domain I am interested in and in an effort to help people discover authentic and and taste their wines. Then I want to understand the high-quality Champagnes you opened Dilettantes, philosophy of the domain and see the way they work. the House ofChampagne in Paris. What a wonderful So the 2nd criteria is the ENVIRONEMENTAL concept. Given there are few Champagne degustation ENGAGMENT of the domain and as I work directly bars dedicated solely to Champagne Growers, what with the grower it is also important to build a spawned your action to launch Dilettantes? relationship of sympathy with him or her. If I want my