The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 163

When I read an article about the different types of Champagne growers I found it to be quite interesting. I also read about a growers daughter who opened a location in Paris that gave a nod of homage to the smaller family-owned estates. That place is Dilettantes. I like the new kind of wine cellar concept that owner Fanny Heucq has developed. The vineyards of the Champagnes at Dilettantes are run by artisan winemakers who are passionate about their craft and their agricultural traditions. I selected to feature Dilettantes in my Bubbles and Vino category because I like Fanny’s idea for supporting the smaller artisan winemakers in a specialized Champagne boutique in Paris. Enjoy the Q & A below between myself and Dilettantes owner Fanny Heucq... ~Alexis