The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 142

Alexis Day St. Supéry’s second estate, Rutherford Estate Vineyard, grows Cabernet Sauvignon and is known for the “Rutherford Dust” otherwise known as fine-grained tannins. How does this aid in the great taste of your wines? Emma Swain Both of our Estate vineyards have uni que characteristics. Rutherford is known for the beautiful fine grained tannins and long elegant finish, while our Dollarhide Estate is a higher elevation, with a variety of soils that bring more structure to the wines. Whether as a single vineyard wine or a blend of the characteristics of each vineyard, the wines are a taste of the vineyards and deliver a unique expression of our property. Alexis Day St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery is known for putting a big emphasis on sustainability and solar power energy. What steps does St. Supéry take to make this a priority and how does this help your vineyards? Emma Swain St. Supéry is Certified Napa Green Land and Winery. These certifications are the most comprehensive and rigorous programs in the industry and were designed to further protect the environment in Napa Valley. Regulated at the local, state and federal levels, continual improvement is required for each certification renewal. At the winery, our rooftop solar array collects energy from the sun, offsetting roughly 80% of our energy bill. We recycle all winemaking, bottling and winery materials and adhere to a strict purchasing policy for all items used at the winery and in the vineyard. This includes, but is certainly not limited to purchasing glass that is made from recycled goods, ordering paper products that exceed 50% post-consumer waste and the investment in new technology, like high pressure- flow washers, that reduced our water use by half. Focused on sustainable efforts in all facets, we planted a culinary garden in 2012 to support our farm-to-table commitment. We incorporate fresh produce from our culinary and espalier gardens and fruit from our Dollarhide Ranch at the winery in our food and wine pairings and bring this experience to our neighbors through selling to local restaurants and at seasonal Bay Area farmer’s markets. As stewards of the land, preservation is our responsibility and we are continuously improving our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity and resource conservation not only for the quality of our wines, but for our community and generations to come. Alexis Day Please share with us what else can we look forward to in the future from St. Supéry Estate Vineyards? Emma Swain A lot! We find we are very compatible with the Napa Green Certification program because it requires continuous improvement which is part of St. Supéry’s fundamental values. We are expanding our efforts for energy and water conservation commitments. We just released RU3 and the wine is outstanding and the packaging is just beautiful. There is always a new experience at the winery, a new vegetable pairing from the garden, and another way to improve.