The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 141

Alexis Day At St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery there are many visiting experiences including tasting events and other educational sessions such as Aromatherapy with a Corkscrew and the Ampelography Master Class. How do the St. Supéry Estate Vineyard & Winery’s experiences set apart from the other vineyards? Emma Swain Our goal with each visit is to enhance your pleasure and enjoyment of wine. We want you to leave knowing more about your own personal preferences and how to repeat and enhance those positive experiences wherever you may be. If you taste six unique white wines and determine that you love Sauvignon Blanc with Semillon in it paired with food, but when sipping on the patio, you’d prefer a stainless steel fermented Sauvignon Blanc, then you have more detail to tell the Sommelier when you go to dinner or to your local wine shop so you can replicate the things you enjoyed about the wines. Our winery is a beautiful place to spend your time with friends and learning more about your personal wine preference. Our team is passionate and knowledgeable about wine and you are going to have an exceptional experience whether at our winery in Rutherford or at our tasting salon in Beverley Hills that you will be inspired to come back.