The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 127

W hat is the significance of this innovative blueprint for cooking? As well as style, the substance of Ondine is unrivalled in the market. With an emphasis on ecological consciousness and technological ingenuity, the process and product is completely unique to the current cookware industry. It comes as no surprise that Marie now turns her attentions to building a brand that is as much about design aesthetic as it is about high- performance–culminating in the perfect product for those who demand the best. O ndine cookware certainly rings of heirloom status cookware offering a lifetime of healthy culinary experiences to pass on for generations. Tell us about the Ondine lifetime guarantee. The intention behind the lifetime guarantee is to guarantee and ensure the quality of our products and provide an excellent customer service to all our clients. Ondine cookware was created not just to be used, but to be treasured, to become part of a lifetime’s experience of sharing food with friends and family. Born from this love for food and family, each Ondine design has been considered for experience from oven to table, crafted to be used and used again over a lifetime, and passed down to the next generation. Where can one purchase Ondine? Ondine is available on our Ondine online shop on Other stockists include: • Harrods, London, United Kingdom • La Rinascente, Milan, Italy • • Wolf & Badger w w w. ond i ne. c om