The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 126

B eing the namesake of its founder Marie Ondine Guerlain, and with Ondine meaning ‘we dine’ in French, it seems sheer kismet for Marie to give life to the Ondine cookware concept. What was it that actually spawned Marie Guerlain to establish Ondine cookware? Born out of passion for food in all of its manifestations, the brand is the epitome of luxury lifestyle, filling a gap in the market for cookware combining the art of cooking and the aspiration for aesthetical homeware. Marie’s genuine affinity with food is deep-rooted in her French upbringing. It was there that Marie became familiar with the integral part that the kitchen plays in the family life, learning skills that would shape her own lifestyle in later years. “La cuisine” continues to be at the heart of Marie’s home, and this is where her journey to Ondine truly began. However, Marie’s vision for Ondine does not simply end in the kitchen. Her desire is to alter the perception of cookware entirely-transforming it from being purely functional, to becoming an integral part of the dining experience. O ndine’s signature is the use of high-grade titanium stainless steel. Share with us the gravity of this in a luxury cookware. Unlike regular stainless steel, 316Ti titanium grade stainless steel has a unique quality that prevents leaching of potentially harmful chemicals into your cooking. It is also non- corrosive and resistant to pitting, which can result from salt residue. Less oil is required to cook, and the surface is easier to clean. “ Luxury cookware made from the finest quality ”