The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 120

Alexis Day As Executive Chef of Bryan-David Scott, your family run company, you are known for serving unique, memorable private dining experiences and private coffee tastings wherever clients may be, whether at their private residences, on a yacht, in- flight, or at a vacation locale. Give us more insight into the culinary experiences that you offer. David-Bryan Scott A great Chef must be flexible, versatile, and agile in his/ her approach to providing the greatest entertainment and dining experiences possible. When cooking for Steve Aoki and guests, I created an exceptionally rare, five-star certified, 100 point coffee appropriately named Aoki. I took the time to write his family name in Japanese. Additionally, I infused his coffee into meals I prepared throughout the day. Then for dinner, I had specially hand-cut Wagyu A-10 steaks prepared with a dry rub by smoking the coffee, adding Piri Piri, cracked Malibar, and other spices. People exclaimed it was the single greatest steak of their lives. With me, there are no limits. I work very closely with my clients to deliver experiences you cannot find anywhere else. Alexis Day Infusing luxury coffee into your dishes has garnered you international acclaim. What types of dishes do you create with this method? Bryan David-Scott A great example of a coffee or espresso fusion dish is my espresso Cacio e pepe. I pan roast a trio of peppercorns with California garlic. I crush them together, place them to the side. Once the pasta is perfect, I melt knobs of butter into a pan, add my smoked espresso, the garlic and pepper then drop in the pasta. As I stir and flip the pasta, I add wonderful portions of heavy cream and copious amounts of Peco-Romano cheese. Once the pasta is bathed in perfect, creamy, cheesy sauce, it is plated with a gentle sprinkle of fresh roasted espresso and pepper. Generally served with the pasta dish is a main entre such as a grilled Wagyu steak or espresso whiskey molasses pork or espresso citrus Norwegian Blue Circle Certified Salmon. Again, there are no limits. I say this great passion and a warm smile. Alexis Day You have a reputation for “bending guest’s minds” through your luxury coffee creations. Share a bit more what this means. David-Bryan Scott I believe that when guests describe their experiences with me as “mind bending” what they are conveying is a sense of awe inspired by the food and coffee they enjoyed over the course of 2 - 6 hours with me. Their experience transcends great, excellent or superb. It means they have reached a place of such deep satisfaction they cannot describe it with human words.