The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 119

Alexis Day Alexis Day Known as a Celebrity Coffee Chef and Luxury Coffee Specialist, in 2016 you accepted an invitation to serve at Doris Bergman’s, a Los Angeles PR extraordinaire, 7th Annual Style Lounge & Party Celebrating Emmy® Season. She was quoted saying, “Bryan-David Scott is the (luxury) coffee maestro,” and added, “Bryan-David brings to L.A. the ultimate coffee experience.” How did you find yourself on the road to Hollywood? Others have been quoted, such as Jan Christoph Thomsen, CEO, professional soccer agent, celebrity host, stating, “Bryan-David Scott is becoming a Hollywood icon.” And an icon you certainly seem to be set on track for as you have served Hollywood’s greatest during one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. What was it like for you to be an invited Celebrity Chef at the 90th Academy Awards Event, this year 2018, and serve at such a prestigious party as the Vanity Fair Oscars Party? Bryan David-Scott In 2013, I was invited to be a guest celebrity Chef at a James Beard dinner. This honor created opportunities for other James Beard dinners as a guest celebrity Chef. In attendance at a Park City, UT dinner was a TV and film executive. Impressed by my coffee and personality, I was invited to do a series of dinners in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica. When you taste our coffees, and experience the way I infuse them into dishes, only then can you understand why people rave about the food and coffee. I am the only Chef in the world that does what I do and how I do it. Bryan David-Scott This was my second Oscars season, but the overwhelming sense of honor was in no way diminished. I find deep satisfaction talking with the guests, watching their faces as they sip our coffees and coffee infused drinks; and enjoying each bite of food. To be a part of Hollywood is a dream come true for me. It is the city where dreams become reality.