The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 116

Award-winning brand Chef Bryan-David Scott is one of those rare persons who runs his own company, has made a significant mark in his desired industry, has made a notable splash in Hollywood with the A-list making him a sought- after celebrity chef, and has a plethora of exciting new ventures on the rise from coast to coast in his business portfolio, all while maintaining a healthy balance between work and his family life with his wife and kids. That in itself deserves an award. I met Chef Bryan-David a bit over a year ago via cyberspace, and I am happy that we have both made the effort to slow down a bit and make communication once again. In fact, be sure to stay tuned as we are cooking up something together in the near future for those of discerning taste. But until then, Enjoy my Q&A with the worlds only award-winning Coffee Chef... Bon Vivant ~Alexis Day