The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 113

Dr. Drury Alexis Day Dr. Drury At your full time periodontal practice in Hermosa Beach, California you offer services such as Preventive and Maintenance Care, Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning, and Corrective Periodontal Surgery. Are there other services that you provide, and are there services that are more sought amongst your clientele? Yes, in addition I perform Implant surgical procedures, which include dental implant placement, minor sinus lifts, bone augmentation, treatment of peri- implant disease, and cosmetic periodontal procedures such as root coverage and periodontal plastic surgery. I have several clients who are seeking these additional services. When it comes to dental implants we always strive to save the natural dentition first wherever possible, as indeed teeth have many biological benefits over implants. Several patients come to the office seeking cosmetic root coverage procedures, such as the “Pinhole Procedure”. We do these where indicated as long as the patients fully understand the benefit and limitations.