The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 109

Answer AD Lorenzi Milano offers the exclusive o ­ pportunity for stunning custom-made products. Where can interested customers purchase your exquisite ­personalized designs? LM Our products are sold on the market through our worldwide retailers and on selected ­international e-commerce platforms. The customers in the United States interested in purchasing our objects can find Lorenzi Milano collection at Just One Eye on the west coast and Barneys NY, The Line NY on the east coast. Vaudeville in Texas. An important online shop selling Lorenzi Milano collection is Mr Porter of Net a Porter Group. For more information, visit AD As a family run business, the fourth generation of Lorenzi’s continues on with the success that has gained nationwide and international recognition. What can we look for from Lorenzi Milano next? LM Our purpose for the future is to increase our company developing the production and ­keeping the high quality of our collections. Valuable products stem from passion for details, careful ­ manufacturing and attention to materials. The brand per se is not important, what counts is what it stands for: the tradition, the expertise gained through time that helps appreciate the objects rather than the label, because behind this there is the story of an entire family...these are the values that inspire every single item of Lorenzi Milano, whose production tries to preserve the tradition of craftsmanship handed down by generations.