The Contour of Luxury Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 108

Products within the Lorenzi Milano collections have a refined and classic touch to them. What was the inspiration behind the designs of these collections, specifically “The Bathroom” and “Traveling” collections? LM The design of our products takes place in our workroom and it is inspired not only by our ­ personal taste, but also by the demand of refined customers, in constant search for unique objects. In fact we listen to our customers’ suggestions and requirements and we do our best to satisfy them. The inspiration behind ‘The Bathroom’ c ­ ollection, is to creating everyday objects that can turn ordinary life into something special. In fact the bathroom is the innermost room in a house, where someone gets ready to start the day and relaxes to end the day. All the objects in this room are for personal use, it is not something to be shown or exhibited, so the purpose is to create little t ­ reasures for everyday life. The travel accessories are objects to take with you. Each item allows you to contain your p ­ ersonal objects maintaining the order and optimizing the space in the luggage, but at the same time these products are designed to be long lasting and to grow old together with the people who bought them: things to love, to maintain and even r ­ epair, if necessary, to pass on to younger ­generations. It is a more personal and intimate reading of the journey. The production takes place entirely in Italy, ­inside the workshop located in Morimondo Street, in the premises of the former Richard Ginori’s ­factory, in the typical Navigable area. The location of the company has been chosen on purpose: a modern interpretation of the traditional factory, it is a way to preserve the values of the Italian manufacturing tradition. That’s where the L ­ orenzi workshop is situated: it is an open and bright space where raw materials are turned into v ­ aluable products and where the different collections are designed. The materials used are unique and often ­complex to handle and require experience and care to be manufactured. The surface of a horn, a piece of bamboo or a detail made of exotic wood are changeable elements and their structure can change according to the temperature and the h ­ umidity level of the environment. It takes years of practice to craft them with confidence, however the manufacturing process has always to be ­carried out with the utmost care. We supervise the creation of every single item, straight in our workroom. In each project, originality and feasibility are coupled with the craftsmen’s manual skills, without forgetting elegance. We only select natural materials coming from their countries of origin and complying to v ­ eterinary and environmental regulations, r ­ especting the W ­ ashington convention on i ­ nternational commerce of endang \Y[YH[][BBXY\ UTKH^H[H][ ۘH[\ܚܛK^H\H[XY[ܙY܂Y]\HX[ۋ